Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Case You are Wondering....

After a 3 month hiatus from the blog.....I still don't have a clue what we are going to do!!!

I did get accepted to the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon! However, that Organic Chem class that I would have to take my first semester is scaring me! My plans would be to eventually get into the College of Pharmacy, but seriously...this brain is getting old!

Then I could stay where I am and become a certified Pharmacy Technician - which now requires some bridging classes (why did I go to Red Deer???) and some exams. And I could continue to help some of my favorite people in the world!

Our house (a.k.a. van down by the river) has a for sale sign in the window...

If we stay, then maybe I would feel settled enough to pursue other options in the family department. We would still be close to family.

If we go, we could enjoy Saskatoon - which by the way - is a beautiful city! And maybe I would be more helpful to those around me.

Any suggestions????

Friday, July 8, 2011

And the Waiting Game Begins...

I am so, so nervous! I just checked - and all my transcript's have been received! Oh man...what I wouldn't give to have an answer right now. Clearly, patience isn't my strong point! Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moving on...

2 Posts in one night....I am shocked myself.
Recently, I learned about Plan A's and B's and all the way to plan Z and how life really doesn't work out like we dream. Sometimes (for the lucky ones) it does, but we (the Rockstar and I) all usually have some bumps (mountains) that we must deal with. I realized that things aren't going the way that I (we) had hoped Plan A would work out...But we all must move on right?? We all must continue on our paths and not stop and sit in the road or turn around and move back wards. So wish us luck on our next Plan A :)

"With or Without You"

"I can't live-with or without you!" Oh my heavens...I have always been a big fan of music-And I have enjoyed alot of songs/band over the years. I have never wanted to become a groupie and follow them around...however - that being said...after 32 years of life...I would love to quit my job and become a groupie for U2! I am in love and seriously - I want to go to their concerts every night! They were unbelievable! I enjoyed every minute of listening to the music and watching them perform on that crazy, yet amazing stage! I loved singing along to the songs that I knew and hearing the band perform live. They sound exactly like they do on their CD's. I think the Rockstar thought I had lost my mind! I was singing and cheering and screaming! In fact, he kept plugging his ear - cause apparently I was screaming too loud! Bono had some lady from the audience come on stage...I have never been so jealous in my life...(and I think Larry Mullen Jr. is much more attractive!!), but seriously - I wanted to be that random (minus the alcohol) lady! I was truly envious!
At one point in the evening, the band started to play, "Where the Streets Have No Name", and my brother turned to me and shouted, "THIS IS THE SONG YOU CAME FOR!" And while it is true - I do like that song, the song, if I had one, that I came for was, "With or Without You." And they played that in their Encore! Oh man, it was so worth the 6 hour drive, the lines and the crazy 2 buses and a train and then turn around and drive straight home, to be there!
It was great to do something like that with the Rockstar. We have not really done anything like that before, so it was fun to take some time from our regular schedules and do something fun and out of the ordinary. I think though, one of the highlights of the event, was spending time with my brother. Growing up, as it sometimes happens with siblings, we had our ups and downs and times where we were closer than others. Since we have gotten older and more mature...(or something), we have let life get in the way of spending time together. That night, at the concert, singing songs that we grew up on - forced life to release its grip for just a few hours and for a while there, it was like old times. Just my brother and I - cruising in the "Vandura" singing songs and laughing. I will cherish that few hours forever.
As for pictures...I am not sure why I even suggested such a notion...I hate myself in pictures - so I avoid the camera like the plague...however, my sister-in-law took some pictures - maybe one day I will post them.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Where the Streets Have No Name"

I am going to the U2 concert tomorrow with my Rockstar, my brother and his wife and can I just tell you that I am so excited!!!! I have never been to a concert before (should I admit that???) and I am so excited that this gets to be my first one. I am glad I get to hang out with the Rockstar and my brother and his wife! Wish me luck - Maybe I will take some pictures and actually post with pictures!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been feeling a little short on sleep the last couple of days...and I am pretty sure that Me+Lack of Sleep=Crankiness! Rock can verify that crankiness! I like to remind Rock that, "Many a 3 day fight could be avoided by a 2 hour nap." So the next time you feel like me and that you need a nap - just take it! Best move ever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When I lived in Red Deer - wow that was 8 years ago! Holy Moly - time flies! Anyway, when I lived there, my sweet Sister who was living in Kansas at the time, cross-stiched me a saying. She framed it and mailed it to me. I know at that time I was suffering with my back pain and trying to go to school and getting that package in the mail, definitely brought joy to my life. Over the years I have packed it up and moved it and placed it on my wall with each little move and each little change. Right now it hangs in my kitchen and lately, its words have again brought me comfort and help during trials and stress.

is not the
absence of suffering
but the
presence of
within one's heart.
I am grateful for my sister and her foresight to the comfort and reminders that I need on a daily basis!